I found another great organic recipe site this week and have decided to use the recipes for my dinners. (the link is below)

MONDAY- Smoky Veggie Quesadillas (recipe below), homemade hummus (garbanzo beans, cilantro, garlic and tomatoes), fresh berries

TUESDAY- Chicken Kabobs on the grill, Caprese Pasta Salad (recipe below) and crusty whole grain bread

WEDNESDAY- Loaded Steak Salad (recipe below) and crusty whole grain bread

THURSDAY- chicken breasts on the grill and spring couscous with asparagus, peas and mint (recipe below)

FRIDAY- Smoky Pepper Pizza (recipe below)

BREAKFASTS: Organic hard boiled eggs, sliced fruit and whole grain toast with natural peanut butter

LUNCHES: leftovers, veggie and cheese quesadillas with carrots and apple slices

SNACKS: almonds/walnuts, fresh fruit, Sargento string cheese sticks