It’s going to be a pretty busy week around here. So, nothing fancy!! Also, organic chicken has been on sale for $5.99/lb, so we will be having chicken several times this week!

MONDAY- chicken quesadillas (shredded chicken, natural shredded cheese, sour cream, grilled onion, whole grain tortillas), black beans and rice

TUESDAY- Chef salad, fruit salad, crusty whole grain bread (swim lesson night for us. no time to cook!)

WEDNESDAY- Chicken breasts on the grill, baked sweet potatoes, green salad, raspberries for dessert

THURSDAY- black bean burgers (Morningstar Farms), Annie’s Mac & Cheese, fruit salad

FRIDAY- Hubby and I are attending a birthday party, so it will be KIDS CHOICE NIGHT (my daughter’s favorite night!! Normally, she chooses spaghetti)

BREAKFASTS: Hard boiled eggs, whole grain toast with all fruit spread, apple slices

LUNCHES: Salad with egg, cheese, nuts and turkey (I make little kits for us to take to work) or turkey and cheese sandwiches

SNACKS: organic fruit snacks, organic yogurt, fruit, nuts, peanut butter and celery