6Looking for healthy and easy snacks for after school or on the go?

Here are a few easy recipes for snacks that are both tasty and nutritious!

Great snack foods:

1. apples, cheddar cheese, and turkey

2. hummus, carrots and whole grain crackers (add a little fun by putting the hummus inside small plastic dipping cups and slide dipping cups inside tiny terra cotta pots. Add baby carrots to the top. Your kids will think they are eating their own little carrot plants!)

3. apple slices and a few spoonfuls of peanut butter for dipping (if you don’t have allergies in your family)

4. peanut butter and banana sandwich on whole grain bread

5. Make your own trail mix using unsalted peanuts, whoe wheat pretzels, raisins and cheerios. (You can also add almonds or M&M;’s as well)

6. Pack string cheese and grapes in small sandwich bags. (Freeze the grapes the night before so that they can keep the string cheese cold if it will be a couple of hours before the snack is eaten.)

7. Save the ranch dressing packets from fast food restaurants to use as on the go dip with carrots and celery.

8. Individual cups of unsweetened apple sauce make great on the go snacks. Sprinkle wih cinnamon fo extra taste and antioxidants!

9. Instead of candy, try giving your children dried fruit instead. (Just limit the amount. Dried fruit can be high in calories and can cause loose bowels!!)

10. ANTS ON A LOG: celery stcks with peanut butter in the iddle toppe with raisins

11. Air popped popcorn (healthier than microwave popcorn)

The Bottom Line…

The bottom line on snacking is to combine healthy fats, lean protein and carbohydrates to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels, increase energy and keep you full until dinner.