With today’s fast-paced lifestyle, it’s hard to find time to make healthy meal plans for your family. From having to grocery shop to preparing the meals, it can be overwhelming!

You ask yourself:

Where do I even begin? How much of each food group should we be eating? Can we eat out and still eat healthily?

Find out below…

Step 1: Food Pyramid Guide and Children’s Feeding Schedule

The first step is to know what foods you should be eating. It is important to have a well-balanced meal with plenty of fruits, veggies, lean meat and whole grains.

The U.S. Department Of Agriculture has created the Food Pyramid to help answer questions about how much of each food group a person should have each day.

Step 2: Planning Healthy Meals

The second step is to lay out your meals for the week. You want to give your family a balanced diet of protein, fat and carbs to help keep their insulin levels low so they won’t be hungry again in an hour or fall asleep at 3 pm!

(If you are like me and want to save money as well, I suggest create around what is on sale that week. Read Creating A Healthy Grocery List On A Budget This will help you save money and serve your family healthy foods.) 

What Should I Be Serving?

Planning out each meal can be overwhelming at first. So here are a few guidelines and examples for each meal of the day:

Also, check out our blog each week for the MONDAY MEAL PLANNER and GROCERY SHOPPING LISTS! They are a great resource for recipes and grocery tips! 

Healthy Eating In Restaurants

Does your healthy meal plan include eating out? Don’t worry. It’s easy to eat in restaurants and still stay healthy with a little planning and knowledge!

Find out all the facts on restaurant nutrition to help maintain your healthy lifestyle and busy schedule!