Healthy Meals Planning for this week(13)

I found another great organic recipe site this week and have decided to use the recipes for my dinners. (the link is below)

MONDAY- Smoky Veggie Quesadillas (recipe below), homemade hummus (garbanzo beans, cilantro, garlic and tomatoes), fresh berries

TUESDAY- Chicken Kabobs on the grill, Caprese Pasta Salad (recipe below) and crusty whole grain bread

WEDNESDAY- Loaded Steak Salad (recipe below) and crusty whole grain bread

THURSDAY- chicken breasts on the grill and spring couscous with asparagus, peas and mint (recipe below)

FRIDAY- Smoky Pepper Pizza (recipe below)

BREAKFASTS: Organic hard boiled eggs, sliced fruit and whole grain toast with natural peanut butter

LUNCHES: leftovers, veggie and cheese quesadillas with carrots and apple slices

SNACKS: almonds/walnuts, fresh fruit, Sargento string cheese sticks

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Healthy Meals Planning for this week(12)

It’s going to be a pretty busy week around here. So, nothing fancy!! Also, organic chicken has been on sale for $5.99/lb, so we will be having chicken several times this week!

MONDAY- chicken quesadillas (shredded chicken, natural shredded cheese, sour cream, grilled onion, whole grain tortillas), black beans and rice

TUESDAY- Chef salad, fruit salad, crusty whole grain bread (swim lesson night for us. no time to cook!)

WEDNESDAY- Chicken breasts on the grill, baked sweet potatoes, green salad, raspberries for dessert

THURSDAY- black bean burgers (Morningstar Farms), Annie’s Mac & Cheese, fruit salad

FRIDAY- Hubby and I are attending a birthday party, so it will be KIDS CHOICE NIGHT (my daughter’s favorite night!! Normally, she chooses spaghetti)

BREAKFASTS: Hard boiled eggs, whole grain toast with all fruit spread, apple slices

LUNCHES: Salad with egg, cheese, nuts and turkey (I make little kits for us to take to work) or turkey and cheese sandwiches

SNACKS: organic fruit snacks, organic yogurt, fruit, nuts, peanut butter and celery

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Healthy Meals Planning for this week(11)

Found some great produce and meat sales this week at Kroger! So, we will be eating some great food this week! Planning on grilling out all week!!

MONDAY- Grilled chicken (on sale last week at Kroger), watermelon, corn on the cob and strawberries and blueberries with angel food cake (berries on sale this week at Kroger!)

TUESDAY- Grilled salmon (found it on manager’s special this week!), baked sweet potatoes, green salad

WEDNESDAY- spaghetti and meatballs (my daughter’s favorite)

THURSDAY- Taco Bar (Shredded chicken, ground beef, shredded cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, Spanish rice, etc I let everyone make their own!)

FRIDAY- hamburgers on the grill, fruit salad, roasted zucchini (sliced, mixed with olive oil and garlic and put in the oven for 10-15 minutes), corn on the cob

BREAKFASTS: egg white omelets, sliced fruit, whole grain toast or cereal

LUNCHES: PB& J or cheese quesadillas with baby carrots, green peppers, cucumbers and ranch dressing for dipping

SNACKS: mixed nuts, raisins, celery and peanut butter

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